Bran’s Coming Out Party

I recently had the pleasure and honor to mount an exhibit of Bran Muffin captioned artwork. Here are a couple of photos of the exhibit. As this blog grows, so will the original art work illustrating Bran’s unique view of the world.

Mind Over Matter?

We’ve all heard that one, right?

That aging is “mind over matter … If you don’t mind, it don’t matter”. Well, I DO mind but another maxim that’s just as true is that ‘none of us is gonna get off this planet alive and any day above ground is a good day’

Camelot Revisited?

(Originally posted just a few days after the presidential election)

Since the election, that’s what I’ve been hearing — that our new president is so like JFK that his time in office will be very much like a new Camelot.

What a huge burden to put on him. Especially since he already has the all but impossible task of digging us out of the recession brought about by all the over-taxing and over-spending by our previous president. The last time we had a budget surplus, a balanced budget and enough jobs to go around was when Bill Clinton was in office. Now we’re so deep in debt that our great grand children will still be paying it off. Indeed, we’re practically a bedroom community for China now.

Reading the news these days is depressing to say the least. I’m reading of racial threats, people buying guns and ammo and bibles. Seems to me that if we can’t learn to live together, we might just tear ourselves apart.

Its Moving Day


It may take me a few days but this is the new home of Bran Muffin’s World.  Please change your bookmark and watch for new illustrations. There are plenty more though I am sometimes slow in getting them posted.
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