These are baby pictures of Czar who was adopted from a shelter. He was a happy baby and loved goofin’ in the snow. You can see his grand and elegant adult pictures down below.


Don’t be fooled by their grace, beauty and the air of innocence that all but hangs in the air over Skip and Brodie in the first photo ….

The explosion of covers and cats happened about 3 seconds after the second photo was taken.


While I believe we should always be kind and compassionate to any and all animals, the American Humane Association has designated the first full week of May as a time to appreciate animals. Both dogs and cats have been worshiped in some societies, a fact that most cats seem to remember.

During the 11th century, a dog named Saur was named King of Norway by the actual ruler who was angry with his subjects for having once deposed him.

English writer, Samuel Johnson fed his favorite cat, Hodge, fresh oysters ever day and U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt invited the extra-toed cat, Slippers, to diplomatic dinners.

Our pound pup and rescued cats have never been to a diplomatic dinner and will certainly never sit on a real throne but they seem to have done okay for themselves.

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